Our aides and companions don’t treat patients. They treat people. They know their names, their likes, their dislikes, and all about who they are. Just because someone is old, disabled, or ill doesn’t mean their personality, desires, and enjoyment disappears. Our aides are sensitive, warm, and deeply intuitive, offering the best possible care.


You are leaving your loved one with a stranger day after day. It can’t just be anyone. You need someone you can trust to provide your relative with the best possible care, someone who cares for their emotional and physical needs. Along with the A King’s Touch Home Care aide comes a caring and peace of mind.


Our aides, assistants, companions, and nurses are all trained and state certified, possessing valuable knowledge, skills, and unique expertise. Your loved one is in good hands.


Whenever, wherever. We’ll be there for you around the clock and around the year, our team of expert assistants will always provide you with the assistance you need at any location you desire.